How to Become a Food Critic

When you think about potential careers that you could try to get, one that probably doesn’t come to mind very often is the option of being a food critic. You know that they exist and that they help you decide what restaurants you want to enjoy with your family, but you never really think about the fact that it is a career that you could try and get in on. So how do you go about it, really? There are a few steps, so we’ll lead you through the major broad strokes, so you can get started all on your own.



Step 1: Gain Communication Skills

One thing that you have to do before anything else is learning how to properly communicate through writing. The best way to do this is to get a bachelor’s degree in something, because no matter what you study in school, essays stay the same. You need to be able to convey an idea in as short or as long a time as possible, and you need to be able to stay engaging as you do it.

Step 2: Dine Everywhere

You can’t limit yourself to the types of foods that you like. If you only eat at Italian restaurants, what good are you to a magazine that wants your review of the new Mexican place in town? You need to be able to eat anywhere without any sort of prejudice against the type of food that you are going to be indulging in. Going to several restaurant can be a strain on the wallet – to learn about overspending or debts, seek the help of credit specialists at this website.

Step 3: Learn the Business

Something that you’ll need to learn to do is the actual intricacies of the restaurant business. You need to know the kind of information that governs a business for any job you do, and if you don’t know the various politics of the restaurant business, you’ll run out of information to share with your readers very fast, if you have to go more in depth about the place instead of just the food.

Step 4: Expand Your Horizons

Similar to step 2, you are going to have to expand the limits of your pallet. Chances are that you’re going to end up ordering something on the job that you’d never eat (normally), so you’ll need to be able to embrace that fact, and start enjoying the odd foods that you’d never want otherwise.

Step 5: Research

If you are going to work as a food critic, you need to know about the restaurants you’re going to visit before you get there. Because of that, you need to know their specialties, their wine list, their worst meal and their best. You need to familiarize yourself with the restaurant you are visiting that day, as much as you are in the business as a whole.

Step 6: Practice

You don’t want to try and start applying for jobs as a food critic right out of the gate, mostly because at that point you have no proof that you can be a prolific writer and an effective food critic. You want to be able to hand over a list of your written works, along with your resume when you apply for a job. Prospective employers do backround checks, as well as check your credit; go to to clean up your credit.

Step 7: Create a Resume of Reviews

Along those lines, you want to build your resume as a writer and critic, as much as you can, because when the chips are down, you want your potential employer to look at you as a potential asset, rather than just somebody who has waltzed into their office and demanded a job.

Step 8: Find Someone to Work For

And on the subject of waltzing in and demanding a job, you can’t send your resume to only one business. You have to get your name out to everyone you can, from newspapers to magazines. If you want the job, you have to work for it, get your potential employers to see your abilities as a food critic and love the writing style that you can bring to the table.

Step 9: Be Ready for the Bad Side

When you do finally get the job as a food critic, you’ll probably be ecstatic, but you need to know that you are still on a job. You will be eating more food a day than your waistline can handle, working through food poisoning to make sure you hit deadlines, and generally work while you eat rather than just sitting down to eat a meal. You need to expect bad meals along with great meals. You can start getting ready for the job, by clearing up your credit to pass background checks with – or delete cach collectors or other negative debt items on your credit report.

Tips for Finding the Right Caterer

Planning a wedding can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. Everything has to be perfect and go according to plan, or else it will likely be considered a disappointment. That is why it’s important to ask your caterer the right questions before hiring them, to get a picture of what their service is going to be like.

Overlooking some of the simple things, when it comes to hiring a caterer, can be a costly misstep that could put you in debt – go to this website to learn how to combat this, as catering events tends to involve spending a lot of money to feed a lot of people.

One of the first questions you should ask your potential wedding caterer is: “What are some things that they specialize in or what are some of the things that their previous clients have raved about?” A good caterer will love to answer this question, because they should be passionate about what they do. Their answer to this question can give you a good idea of how they work and what they are best at.

If you get a good vibe from the catering company, ask them if you can come in for a tasting before you decide on a full menu. It is a good idea (in the first place) to taste the food you will be feeding to your wedding guests, but it is also a chance for the caterer to show what they are made of. If they impress you with the tasting, then you are more likely to hire them.

Another big issue that most people forget to ask is “how many other events will the caterer be dealing with around the time of your wedding?” You want to make sure that they will be able to devote their full attention to your wedding, and that they won’t have to rush to prepare your food or show up to your wedding on time. Also, make sure to ask about the size of events that the caterer has served, in the past – and get an accurate number for your wedding’s attendance numbers and go over that with the caterer to make sure that they won’t be overwhelmed. As mentioned earlier, a miscalculation on the catering order (in any way) can spell disaster, financially, and put you in an inevitable conflict collection agencies, like hunter warfield.

Another similar question you can ask your caterer is “what are some events that they have catered in the past that were a smashing success, without being too pricey?” There may be a couple of events that stand out to them, and maybe it’s just what you want for your wedding. You should also ask the caterer if they would be able to customize your menu, and tell them about the specific customizations you want done; that way they can incorporate it into the pricing when they give you a quote for the wedding catering.

Also, ask if the catering company provides a bar tending service, and ask if it they have a liquor license and liquor liability insurance. Ask if they provide the alcohol and what kind of prices they offer, and also ask about any hidden fees that might be attached to their alcohol service.

Corporate events should be thought off as important business meetings, and they may involve shareholders, prospective clients, customers, employees or all of the above. Such events are always significant from a business point of view, as the primary focus here is on the promotion of your business. Event such as these, need to be catered for, appropriately – so that things go smoothly. Therefore, corporate catering plays a vital role in ensuring that the event is a grand success, as they will serve the best food and refreshments to keep everyone in good spirits.

High profile corporate meetings are always fraught with tensions, as they can affect the prospects of business. Soothing the tension is an essential task and having professional event caterers (with a well thought out menu) will ensure that you can relax knowing that things are all under control. Corporate Events can be held for many reasons, including creating new leads, regarding employees, promoting team spirit or launching a new product. Each of these events will need a different mood and ambiance, so your caterer needs to be versatile enough to plan new menus for each of them.

Similarly, a wedding party includes a large numbers of the couple’s friends and relatives – some of whom may play an important role in the wedding. Therefore, service should not be lacking at any point during the event, and the food and ambiance should be top notch. A fine dining company can cook up a great menu and present an ambiance fit for royalty, as they cater the gathering with a well-trained team of waiters. But an expense such as this is not cheap, so to avoid any kind of financial over-extension or dealings with debt collectors, like Afni Collection Agency – see to it that all of your ducks are in a row, financially.

The success of a party, whether it is a corporate event or a wedding, depends primarily on the management skills of an event caterer, since they present the platform on which these events are conducted. Incorporating the services of an event caterer will always increase the likelihood of your wedding (or corporate event) being a great success!

The Best Things to Eat in Portland

Portland is one of the great places for delicious foods, refreshing drinks and friendly neighborhoods. The place has also become one of the most preferred travel destinations during holidays and weekends. If you love nature escapades and forest hikes, then Portland is a place to be. Endlessly intriguing and entertaining, Portland can be easily explored and enjoyed.

Portland’s eclectic neighborhoods and vibrant downtown, promise abundance of exciting and fun-filled activities for many travelers. Food lovers also flock to numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and food carts. Portland is an ideal place for food lovers, and it has so many trademark dishes that visitors need to use restaurant gift cards to catch as many specials as they can, without the fear of going into debt. Those who have caught taste bud fever & charged everything on their credit cards, and end up in debt with people like Dynamic Recovery Collections, are advised to visit credit repair specialists at this site. Overall, the wide range of foods are the best reasons why you should be planning a trip to Portland, soon!

Discover the Best Things to Eat in Portland

With the many food choices in Portland, the following are the best and the most favorite:

  • Voodoo Doughnut

If you love doughnuts then Vodoo Doughnut offers maple bacon bars and a variety of sugars that will surely surprise you. Vodoo Doughnut is already an institution. These doughnuts are ultimately delicious enough to cause countless sweet-toothed patrons to (routinely) fall in line, just to get their Vodoo doughnuts. At times, the long line can appear to be quite daunting, but, it’s (nonetheless) worth the wait, as you will lose every ounce of regret, once you get take a bite out of these delectable delicacies!

  • Pine State Biscuit

If sweets are not really your thing and you seldom crave it, then Pine State biscuit is one of the best things to eat in Portland. The Reggie, a biscuit sandwich filled with bacon, cheese, fried chicken – and topped with delicious gravy – is what biscuits were put on this earth for. Pine State biscuits can be the best way to start your day. These foods are widely known as comfort foods and have dramatically brought southern comfort to the Pacific Northwest (where these are made). Individuals visiting Portland can also try buttermilk biscuits with cheese and fried chicken, drowned with great-tasting gravy!

Even with meaty-rich gravy, the buttery flavor of the biscuits is discreet and strong – perfectly complemented by the fried chicken. This is one of them restaurants you may need a gift card for, as their impossibly delicious foods, keeps you coming back for more! As mentioned before, those who suffer from credit card addiction, in a restaurant like this, may want to visit this website, to keep their finances in check. In the end, Pine State Biscuits is the most delicious way to cap off your trip to Portland!

  • Grilled Cheese Grill

Most of the people living in Portland are also food lovers. The wide varieties of restaurants and bars can attest to this. If you love cheese, then Portland got your cravings covered. Here you can find cheese grills, cheese burgers and cheese sandwiches. There are also unique dining places where you can find and enjoy these foods.

  • Cacao

The delicious aroma of the chocolate that wafts through the door, the moment you step into the cacao world, is one thing that you will never forget in Portland. Here, you can discover and enjoy a world filled with tempting chocolate delights. You can order chocolate drinks, cinnamon and more. Cinnamon actually has the perfect combination of spice and sugar, and each of these ingredients has luxurious consistency, which leaves individuals deeply satisfied. There are also selections of delicious chocolates offered by local chocolate makers. Choosing their premium chocolates (by taste), cacao ensures that all chocolates are delightfully prepared, with chocolate lovers in mind.

  • Grilled Foods

These are also among the best things that you can eat in Portland. If you love grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled barbecue and many other grilled foods, Portland is worth visiting to satisfy your cravings. Portland has the best barbecue that will surely make you crave & ask for more. There are restaurants and smokehouses offering the finest selections of grilled foods and all you have to do is choose the ones you love to eat the most. When it comes to delicious grilled foods, Portland has lots to offer that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy!

These are just a few of the many great things and foods to eat in Portland. The place also provides huge varieties of fresh produce, like prepared foods, baked foods, meats and more. The markets in Portland also have stalls selling breads, butters, jams, seasonal foods and more. These markets are the best place to go, if you’re looking for the freshest and most seasonal foods.

Portland never lack in the finest coffee shops, food carts, fine restaurants, as well as, evening entertainment that can perfectly suit every taste. You can stay here for the weekend or stay here longer, to enjoy many thrilling things and delicious foods during your stay. Also, make use of the numerous gift cards that are available. Given the number of outstanding venues, it’s easy to over spend and end up in debt, dealing with the likes of cbe group or other debt collectors.

It’s so easy to come and visit Portland because its public transportation system is simply the best. With accessible and convenient flights and road trips, you can easily get started exploring the beauty of this place. Aside from satisfying food cravings, Portland makes life more fun and easier for both people who lived there, as well as tourists.


Tastes of Heaven: Portland Coffee Houses & Bakeries

coffee_sconeLove to eat? If finding the best coffee houses, restaurants and bakeries is your thing, Portland is the place for you! The city and the suburbs of Portland have the best and most popular restaurants that are considered top places among food aficionados. These are Portland coffee houses and bakeries, offering you flamboyant cuisines and savory flavors.

If it’s the ultimate brownie you’re looking for, the Lauretta Jean’s is THE place for heavenly salted caramel brownies. They have also got the most delightful selection of pies – from chocolate cream, to honey hazelnut, to  cherry tarts…and much more! If it’s all kinds of handmade pies, Lauretta Jean is where you should be. On the other hand, if it’s first rate cuisine & desserts, Papa Haydn West is one of the most legendary eateries in town.

Papa Haydn brings you the temptations of gourmet sandwiches, pies, cakes and all kinds of pastry – all the sinful treats you could lay your hands on. But, if you can’t get enough of these fabulous desserts, Papa Haydn East is where the first espresso machine of Portland you can be found. There, you have at least 26 desserts (and 8 or so seasonal desserts) to choose from.

There is also the Patisserie, Portland’s favorite night hotspot – thanks to their specially crafted French desserts, their long lists of champagnes and bottomless coffee selections. This place is famous for desserts that suit whatever your tastes are. And if it’s not desserts you’re interested in, they’ve got delicious tapas for you to enjoy. Want some seasonal cupcakes to taste? There’s the Saint Cupcake, bringing you all kinds of cupcakes, including their most popular red velvet, chocolate with hot fudge, vanilla with cream cheese and more!

If you want variety, Portland has you covered, and can satisfy your cravings. Portland is a town that is, literally, full of places where terrific desserts (and the best coffees) are waiting for you. Here, is where you can have that taste of heaven, to your heart’s desire.

Best Portland Cuisine Reviews 2016

Whether you’re looking for the finest bars, bistros, diners or restaurants in Portland, this review will provide you with the best tips and insights that you need in order to find the best eateries. For the 2016 ultimate dining choices, Oregonian restaurants are reviewed and evaluated to ensure that diners are given the premium options to help them enjoy best tasting dishes in Portland.

The city continues to impress diners with notable menus, as well as, extraordinary drinks. Restaurant owners and local chefs strive to provide customers with the ultimate menus they will excite & satisfy taste buds. This year, you are guaranteed to experience fresh and new dishes from your favorite eating places in Portland. With fine service and stunning rooms, you can have pastas and drinks for a casual dinner with the family.

It should be pointed out, that dining out with friends and frequenting restaurants can affect your finances more than you realize. Overspending on a limited budget can ruin your credit health. Keep a close watch on your equifax credit report, should you need to improve or repair your credit.

Brace yourself as we will reveal the top restaurants in Portland that will bring you to new heights of delicious food and drink. Without further ado, here are the best dining places you would want to include in your list, as you visit Portland:

  • Le Pigeon – as time goes by, this restaurant continues to provide comfortable dining to customers in Portland. Up to date, there has been a movement happening at the diner with young leaders working to add more spice to their current menu. Creativity helps them to provide better service to all valued customers. Their specialties include: pickled tomatillo, zucchini ribbons, fresh basil, roasted pork, raw hamachi, teriyaki pineapple and a lot more of interesting organic ingredients.

  • Langbaan – with the literal meaning, back of house, the restaurant is located on the 28th Avenue that offers enough space for diners. The menus they currently offer are well garnished with unique ingredients, like fish sauce & citrus, foliage vegetables, mud and reeds, lush chiles, tropical fruits, coconut and many other appealing components. Every month, Langbaan rotates their menus in order to provide excellent options for regular customers. Originally, they offer Thai menus to diners, with more spices and special ingredients.

  • Ox – this is a highly recognized grill and resto in Portland where mouth-watering dishes are available for order. In the dining room, you will experience a very inviting ambience with candles on the tables, while couples savor their order. As one of the leading restaurants in Oregon, the Ox is indeed a great choice for those who want to dine, not just good food, but also get the luxury dining experience. Inspired with Argentine cuisine, they offer finest vegetable, fish and meat for more savory dishes. This is a very high-end restaurant. So, as mentioned before, lazy budgeting could put you into deep financial ruin, if you get carried away with spending. You can go online to take advantage of good financial advice that can help restore your finances or your experian credit report.

    Castagna – with Chef Justin Woodward’s talented hands, Castagna remains a favorite choice for customers who are looking to find excellent Northwest cuisine. Today, Castagna is one of Portland’s pride, when it comes to fixed-price meals at more affordable prices, compared to other restaurants in the area. Their signature snacks will make you crave for more while savoring their appetizing drinks. Pop in, if you want to try wood-smoked salmon, crab-lemongrass lime bisque, lamb loin with herbs, slivers jalapeno and so much more!

  • Aviary – this restaurant combines kitchen recipes with clientele satisfaction, no matter where the diners came from. The unusual flavor combinations and ingredients relentlessly provide diners with the best choices, in terms of delectable menus offered by yours truly, the Aviary resto. Here, you will experience the unique taste of watermelon salad, chicken skin, baba ghanouj, black-cod fillet and many other ingredients that you don’t usually get from other restaurants in Portland!

  • Nostrana – not your typical restaurant, Nostrana is the most cordial Southeast Portland bistro that offers award-winning dishes from Cathy Whims, the restaurant’s resident chef. If you simply want to experience authentic Italian pastas, fine-tuned salads, Neapolitan pizzas, wood-charred steaks, spicy radicchio and other impressive ingredients – THIS is the best place for you, once you’re in Portland! Insalata Nostrana will amaze your taste buds, leaving you craving for more Nostrana dishes.

  • Roe – with the warm ambience in Roe, you will surely enjoy eating in this restaurant, while spending some quality time with your loved one. This aims to provide diners with the feeling of luxury and ensure that they eat quality food from award-winning chefs. Pay a visit and take advantage of premium dining services with scrumptious dishes you can never resist. Don’t be left behind, visit Roe now and see for yourself, after eating their specialties, made with love.

If you are planning to visit Portland or Oregon, be sure to check out one of their finest restaurants and experience how it is to be in pleasure country place. Take note of this review and choose your own restaurant, where you can enjoy the best tasting dishes – along with friends & family. With this year’s bistro choices, you’ll get a wide array of menu options for you to indulge in the fun and exciting dining district, that is Portland. Lastly, make it a point to track food spending. Lastly, if you tried cutting your food budget, and you’re still financially overextended (and experiencing credit problems), you can get help on your transunion credit report.

Tasty Bites: Portland Food Tours

Whenever friends and family come out and visit the food town of Portland, the question that every local expects them to ask is, “Where’s a good place to eat?” The greatroad-trips-in-portland-oregon-eats-with-ox-restaurant-00 things about Portland are the little food tours that bring the best culinary scenes in town. In Portland, you can find more than a few tours focused on presenting famous local foods, as well as, choices of beverages that are surprisingly flavorful.

Portland food tours allow you to have tasty bites of every cuisine you can imagine, and take a sip of the most delicious local beverages the town has to offer (whether alcoholic or not). Of course, these food tours aren’t just about foods and drinks. It is also interlaced with information about how Portland became the town known for the best delicacies. Portland food tours also talk about the next hot restaurants and cuisines, so you can have an idea of the next best places to go.

There are different kinds of food tours in Portland. Some of them require you to place reservations, in advance. There are others that involve a bit of walking, but it’s normally just a mile or two. On the other hand, alcohol-focused food tours often include transportations for your convenience. Some of the popular food tours include the Epicurean Excursion of Portland Walking Tours.

It will lead you to about 8 or so local artisans of the best food cuisine, from salmon & steak to croissants & gelatos. There is also the Food Cart Tour, a food tour with Breet Burneister, the owner of Food Carts Portland. It’s a 90-minute excursion leading you to several stops for samples of potato curry dumplings, seared duck, Belgian waffles, fois gras – and much much more!

Portland food tours are all about presenting to you the best of what Portland has in food, cuisine and beverages. You will see and learn for yourself exactly how food carts thrive in Portland, and how they became supremely popular. Either way, regardless of your culinary preferences, in Portland, there’s a wide range of flavors that await your palate!