Slappy Cakes
SE 42nd & Belmont
Price: $6+

In a creative mood for breakfast? Get together with a group of friends and go to Slappy Cakes in Portland! Many of my friends have gone so I have seen on their many Facebook “check-ins” to this place.

Slappy Cakes
4246 SE Belmont, Portland Oregon, 97215


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Slappy Cakes is my new favorite breakfast place to get a full tummy to start to my day. This place makes Denny’s and Village Inn look way overrated.
What makes Slappy Cakes so special and unique is they have hot griddles mounted into each table where you are able to cook up your own pancake mastery! You are able to choose your batter (buttermilk, peanut butter, buckwheat, or even zucchini) Pick your toppings..I chose bacon, sausage,and cheddar cheese, they have sweet toppings too like chocolate chips and fresh fruit. I vouched an extra few bucks to try the 100% maple syrup! When you GO BIG or go home.
The pancake batter comes to your table in the vessel of a squirt bottle for easy pouring and also aids in creating designs. I first created a heart, then moved on to a Mickey Mouse face, and the letter “S” for my name! The only tricky part is the flipping…
The temperate of the griddle was already preset and somewhat at a low temperature because it took 5ish minutes to cook each pancake. If you feel like a dummy in the kitchen, this place makes it pretty easy to make a chef out of everyone! I can see this place is a HUGE hit with the kids. They also had yummy cocktails with a twist of the basic Bloody Mary and Ginger Mint Mimosa. They also had a full breakfast menu if you didnt feel like cooking. Jeff got the “Truck Stop” which was eggs, bacon, potatoes, sourdough toast, and a side of biscuits & sausage gravy!
I definatley will be back!

Here are some pictures I took during my tasteful excursion including their menu!

slappy cake 001


the menu with options..

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my toppings… bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese and the batter awaits!

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Jeff’s “Truck Stop” breakfast combo

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