Five Guys Burgers
82nd & Johnson Creek Blvd.
Price: $5.00+

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On a rainy Portland day sometime you just need a burger. Not just any burger like McDonalds or Wendy’s (no offense to those guys) but this time I’m talking about 5 Guys. I have heard many props to this place because of their HUGE portions to fill up any appetite.
When you first walk in the door off to the side are large boxes filled with in the shell peanuts for a snack while you are waiting in line fantasizing about what you are going to order. There are not only the basic cheeseburger, but there are bacon cheeseburgers and other choices like sandwiches and hot dogs too. Their original cheeseburger/hamburger comes with 2 beefnpatties which is why there is another size called “little cheeseburger/hamburger” which comes with just one beef patty. So that is your first step in creating your dream burger is to decided how many beef patties you desire. Next there are Unlimited Free Toppings to top your burger! There is nothing better in the restaurant world than the word and price FREE! When I heard the word FREE its like Im a kid in a candy store and I feel so special to add what I think at no extra cost. Considering what you get at the typical chain fast food places, Five Guys is a hands-down winner.

The Free toppings include:

free toppings english

Here is what I decided to create: Regular Cheeseburger, mayo, letture, katsup, grilled mushrooms and pickles.
Here is what my boyfriend got: Regular Cheeseburger with ALL THE TOPPINGS!

We also ordered a soda for us to share and a side of large fries which were freshly cut from the spud with the skin on the outside.
For our entire order it was around $20 which filled us up immensely and we felt we got a HUGE bang for our buck. We will definitely be back. Not too often though, the calorie count must be a little out of this world.

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Free Peanuts at the door

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The Menu
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