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Kell’s Irish Pub
SW 2nd & Ash
Price: $3+

This pub is known for their pub food and Irish beer sections. A unique thing about Kells is their magnetic ceiling. Visitors take cash, wrap it in a coin, and toss it up to the ceiling where is sticks and never returns. All money thrown up to the ceiling is donated to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Its a fun tradition they have been doing for years. Kells was offering a $3 Happy Hour on pub food so we snacked on a few greasy bites and sipped some brew while we sat outside on a sunny afternoon people watching.

St.Patrick’s day is a known and big holiday for this Portland Pub. So many Portlanders flock to Kell’s on St.Patrick’s Day that they have to rent out a huge tent that takes up an entire street block to accommodate guests.

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Kells Website: http://www.kellsirish.com