Saint Cupcake Galore
12th & Morrison
Price: $1.50+

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This all cupcake bakery shop sells a various selection of delectable treats with cupcakes as their STAR!
I tried pumpkin spice, toasted coconut cream, and red velvet. all in the dot size. About twoish bites.
Ashley tried local peach w/ brown sugar cookie crumble, big top dot, and a bonbonbunbuns.
We washed it down with chilled chocolate milk and a hot latte to compliment our Palette.
Check out Saint Cupcake Galore on Twitter they tweet their theme for the day which decided sprinkle and frosting color combos. The day we visited the theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with purple,green,and orange colors. So pretty with a whismal humor.

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Saint Cupcake Website:
Saint Cupcake Twitter: @SaintCupcakePdx