Departure Restaurant
SW 5th & Morrison [15th Floor of The Nines Hotel]
Price: $8+ Great Happy Hour Specials


For Ashley’s Bachelorette Party with a few of our closest girl friends we had a fabulous dinner at Departure Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the top floor (15 floors up) of the Nines Hotel with a great patio view overlooking the heart of Portland and Pioneer Courthouse Square. The night we went there was a private party renting out the deck outside of the restaurant so we are unable to go out and see the view, but it was raining on and off so we didn’t mind staying inside.

The restaurant is very modern, chic, and trendy. The hotel lives up to its name as if you were going to be “dressed up to the nines” with elegant decor throughout. Inside the Departure Restaurant they carry the same elegant feel, but more minimal and clean line decor. The bar is in the middle of the restaurant open aired with a large seating area full circle around the booze bar.
The food is Asian Fusion which is traditional Asian taste combined with a modern twist of flavors. The portion sizes are on the smaller size similar to “tapas” type plates which are great for sharing and trying a few. For the dinner menu the prices are not cheap, but the happy hour menu is great and feature a lot of the same things on the regular menu. Popular dishes at Departure Restaurant is their sushi, Asian inspired seafood & steak, and dim sum menu. Another reason why I liked happy hour is because there weren’t so may people there which means we found a table right away and have fairly prompt service. I have heard this place can be pretty packed on a weekend and have standing room only at the bar. The crowd at Departure is always a unique mix of different ages and styles. Great for a date night or a fancy night out and an excuse for dress up.

Overall we had a great experience and I enjoyed the food and drink! This is a perfect location for a date night in Portland one of my favorites hands down.

All of the girls!
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Cheers to the Bachelorette!
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Inside the elevator of The Nines Hotel, its the only way up to Departure Restaurant
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Here is what I ordered from the menu:

  • LUCK OR FORTUNE COCKTAIL ($9) made with hangar one mandarin vodka, stolichnaya vanilla vodka, fresh orange and coconut
  • GARLIC FRIED RICE ($7) which was topped with a sunny side up egg, scallions, and black sesame seeds

Luck Or Fortune Martini, tasted just like a creamsicle
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Heather from the blog My Many Moments
She ordered sushi, the soy sauce came in its own mini tea pot!
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A Few Recommendations:
Go for Happy Hour the prices are much more reasonable
Call to make reservations
There is valet parking available
This is not a kid friendly place it does entail a bar
Main Photo Via Departure website