Bridge City Cafe [Bridgeport Village]
SW Bridgeport Rd

In craving of a hot cup of soup and a good sandwich I ventured over to Bridge City Cafe formerly known as Paradise Bakery. They are now a locally owned cafe hence the name change, but the new owner has the rights to Paradise Bakery’s recipes which is a familiar taste with a few changes made.
The menu looks pretty much the same as the Paradise Menu plus a few added menu items such as more soup selection.
If you have never been to Paradise Bakery now known as Bridge City Cafe, their menu offers salads, hot/cold sandwiches with daily fresh baked bread, and other bakery items such as muffins, rolls, and cookies. There is also a full espresso bar for early morning pick me ups so its not just a place for lunch.

The bakery side of Bridge City Cafe is a big part of their space. There are actually two ordering windows, one for food food and meals, and one for the baked good and espresso bar. This is nice if you just want to slip in and get your morning coffee and check out their baked goods.
They are popularly known for their cookies! They are larger and more dense of a regular cookie. They also have cookie bits which are mini cookies about the size of a milk cap so you can enjoy a handful or two. They sell those by the 15 count for $3.

Here is what I ordered:
1/2 Sandwich and Soup Combo (comes with FREE cookie)
Soup of Choice: Beer Cheese
Cookie Choice: Snickerdoodle
Sandwich of Choice: “The Club” on a croissant.
The club came with ham, turkey,bacon, lettuce, tomato, dijon mayo, and vinaigrette. I also had the option to add pickles or peppercinis. The sandwich artist also told me I could change the bread choice if I wish (but I didn’t I love croissant), and I could change anything else too if I wanted so I opted for their pesto mayonnaise which I saw listed under another sandwich on the menu.

IMAG0915 600 x 338

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Additional Thoughts:
They do have a punch card, so if you eat here frequently get your punch in opt of a free meal after a few visits
There are vegetarian options. I saw a black bean soup and a veggie sandwich listed on the menu.
They do offer catering
Kid Friendly
If you work in the Bridgeport Village mall you get a FREE cookie!
They do change up their soup selection daily, so if you are expecting a specific soup call ahead and ask if it is available

Twitter: @BridgeCityCafe