Koi Fusion PDX
Food Cart (multiple locations)

N Mississippi & Skidmore
SW 2nd between Taylor & Yamhill
Bridgeport Village SW Bridgeport Road Kiosk #1
SE 32 and SE 33 Division
* They also Tweet on Twitter daily other locations such as Jen Weld Field, Portland Art Museum,

Koi Fusion is a food cart that serves hot Korean BBQ with fresh Mexican flavors. Very reasonable prices as low as $2 per taco! They started in 2009 by Chef Bo Kwon as a mobile food truck, they have now grown and are up to three mobile trucks, two stationary locations, and an entire catering division. All barbecued meats are the Kwon’s family secret recipe and local to Portland. They have not only been featured on tons of PDX Blogs, but The New York Times, CNN, and Forbes Magazine.

I tried:
3 tacos (one pork, one bulgogi beef, and one kalbi short rib)
Added+ Kimchi

IMAG04761 550x975

BPV Menu

The taste is just as their menu describes “Korean BBQ with Mexican flavors”. I thought it was more of a Thai type flavor with the lime, cilantro, and bean sprouts. The taco is filled with meat in a small flour torilla with added herb and veggie. Everything is cooked to order and smells delish as you wait outside for your food in the window. My stomach was filled immensely up by all three tacos, I was surprised because they are “mini tacos” but so much filling I don’t think I could have gone for another. There are other unique yummy things on thier menu such as fried rice bowls, Korean hot dogs, quesadillas, and burritos. Very creative spin on a fusion of sweet Korean flavor with bold Mexican notes. The meat is the star of the show, I cant quite figure it out which is probably why it is so good. Is it unlike any other meat I have had, it does have a sweet cured taste and then brightens up with the lime, cucumber, and other herbs added in with the meat to make a rounded taco flavor.

Overall thought: Great value for such a small price and BIG flavor!

How to Find Koi Fusion: Follow them here or on Twitter (@KOifusionpdx) for their daily location schedule and specials!
Website: http://koifusionpdx.com/