McMenemins Kennedy School Portland
NE 33rd

About McMenemins:
The McMenemins empire is of two brothers who are Oregon natives who create muti-use facilities in the Northwest. Currently McMenemins proudly owns and operates more than 50 locations throughout Oregon and Washington. They enjoy transforming historic buildings and venues into family friendly establishments for all to experience. McMenemins is famous for their on site breweries and distillery. They create their own beer on site and is only available in house or online. Popular beer selections are their Ruby, Terminator Stout, and Hammerhead Ale.

About The Kennedy School:
The McMenemins Kennedy School is a renovated elementary school turned into restaurant and hotel! Full renovated and opened to the public in October 1997. Hotel guests get their chance to stay in former classrooms turned into hotel rooms, complete with the original chalkboards and cloak rooms. The school is made up of a full menu restaurant, multiple small bars, a movie theater, soaking pool, gift shop and a brewery .

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Classroom transformed into Hotel Room  550x366

As you walk inside the Kennedy School you have a sense of nostalgia with the of the school hallway where you can stand and see one end to the other.
Each classroom is turned into something unique. Such as the “Detention Bar” which is turned into a cigar bar with unique whiskeys to try and an array of cigars to choose from. An old janitors closest now named the “Honors Bar” has a bartenders station inside with standing room only for classical music and hand crafted cocktails. Inside original artwork and historical photographs cover the walls, ceilings, doorways and hallways.

The gymnasium is turned into an open space where live music kicks off all through the night. Or can be rented out for private events such as weddings.
The auditorium is turned into a movie theater where newer releases are shown for just $3 per person! The movie theater known as the Theater Bar has drinks and pizza that you can purchase and rows of couches for seats.
The cafeteria is turned into full restaurant called The Courtyard Restaurant with a full portioned breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hour.
A classroom was transformed into the Cypress Room which is a full bar where the chalkboards in this space tell of ales on tap.
The former boiler room is now turned into a multi-level bar called the Boiler Room Bar. They offer pool and a full bar menu
The Detention Bar is a janitor’s closet turned into a cigar room where cigar smoking is allowed and aged whiskeys are featured as well as cigars available for purchase.
Honors Bar is another janitor’s closet turned into a standing room only bar. They feature fresh-squeezed juice cocktails, beer, wine and premium liqueurs.

Me and My friend Lauren at the Kennedy School for drinks

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I enjoyed the Tequila Sour

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Boiler Room Bar
kennedyschool4 550x281

Hallway inside Kennedy School
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Cigar Room known as Detention Bar
kennedy school 550x366

There are multiple patios with cozy fire pits to hang out and enjoy your favorite cocktail.
There is a “soaking pool” outside FREE to all hotel guests and just $5 to non hotel guests. The pool is a heated saltwater pool located in a private outdoor courtyard surrounded by gardens (formerly where the old Teacher’s Lounge was located).

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*This is not just a 21 and up facility. Children are always welcome when accompanied by their parents in our pubs, which are almost exclusively non-smoking establishments.

Other McMenemins Hotel Facilities:
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My Recommendations:
Go for happy hour! Great food specials
Try the Cajun Tots they are addicting!
They use fresh squeezed juices for their cocktails try the Lemondrop Martini or the Tequila Sour
If you want to try the Soaking Pool bring your own towels

Photos Via CNBC, Panoramio, Flickr