Albina Press
50th & Hawthorne-S.E.
46th & Albina-N. Portland

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This hip little coffee house is quite the popular place in Portland. We were there mid-day on a Thursday and this place was happening! If someone was not leaving right as we walked in we would have never found a seat. They must be doing something right to attract this type of crowd. Here at Albina Press many refer to them as “coffee artists”. Unfortunately that day I was maxed out on my caffeine intake so I went with a nice french press of loose leaf tea. It was quite delicious and I cannot wait to go back and try for myself their famous barista skills. They proudly serve Stumptown coffee; which by far is my favorite bean and they display local artists which is no surprise in Portland.

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I’ve read many negative and positive reviews about this place but overall I had a pretty good experience. The barista’s were not overly friendly nor very enthusiastic about taking your order. I will definitely return but probably to their NoPo location.

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3fork I really couldn’t give Albina Press 4 forks because the barista’s had a little bit of an attitude. But overall this is an awesome place and delicious drinks!

Side notes:
Delicious beverages
Staff ehhh…could be a little friendlier
Very busy popular place
great atmosphere
Free Wi-Fi