McMenamins Grand Lodge
3505 Pacific Ave.
Forest Grove, OR

Mcmenamins Grand Lodge is a 77 European style guest room lodge which is a completely different experience than your average lodging options. You’ll find no cable television, air conditioning, or private bathroom is included with a basic room here– but for your $70 or so (for a Queen room) you get a uniquely decorated room with a comfy bed, a sink/mirror, and bathrobes to use when making your way down the hall to the large guest bathrooms. Each wing has a community “living room” with fireplace and gathering area, 4 restaurants and bars, live music on weekends, movie theater (free admission when staying at hotel), Ruby’s spa, soaking pool (again, free admission with overnight stay), and a Frisbee golf course.Like all Mcmenimins properties there is artwork everywhere, including mosaics, hand painted pipes, and framed paintings. One of the best things about staying at a McMenamins is that you can order food and drink at any of the bars and eat them anywhere on the property! It’s fun to get a beer and wander for a while before settling on a place to dine or relax for the evening.

The Compass Room movie theater is awesome for cheap movies $3 per person and on Tuesday its only $2! Inside the movie theater the seating is row by row of tables and chairs encouraging you to order food and eat while watching the flick. In the very front and back row are love seat couches which are more comfy than the chairs. The seating is first come first serve so if you want a couch get there a little earlier to get your spot. On a Tuesday 6pm showing I was surprised by how many people were actually there.

The food is pub fare, no fancy dinners here. We ordered happy hour which was a fairly limited menu but reasonably priced. I wanted to try something unique so I asked about the Ruby milkshake which is their “Ruby” raspberry flavored house made beer mixed with ice cream. I’m not a beer person and was really hesitant to try this considering its dairy mixes with beer, but it was so good! Don’t judge it …just try it! They also have the terminator milkshake which is their Terminator beer stout mixed with chocolate ice cream.


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Restaurants/Bars @ Grand Lodge
Ironwork Grill
Pat’s Corner
Doctor’s Office
Compass Room Theater
Bob’s Bar
Children’s Cottage (separate building for weddings)

On Site:
Movies shown in the Compass Room Theater $3 per person (also hosts live music and special events on stage)
Ruby’s Spa
Billiards in the Doctor’s Office Bar
Soaking Pool open to the public $5 per person (FREE if you stay in the hotel)
Disc Golf aka Frisbee Golf (FREE!)

What we ordered: HAPPY HOUR ( 3-6pm & 10pm-close)
Cajun Tots $2.50
Cheeseburger $5
Vodka Cranberry $3.50 wells
Mcminamins house made Amber Ale $3.25 pint
Ruby Milkshake $6

3forkI gave McMenamins Grand Lodge 3 forks because their food is on the mediocre level but I love the property and different bars scattered around. The fire pits are my favorite to kick back and have a drink.

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