Po’Shines – Cafe De La Soul
North Denver Ave.

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I originally stumbled on this place while en route to their neighboring italian restaurant. We stopped to check out their menu posted outside the doors and I think my husband might have drooled just a tad. :) A nice woman was walking out the door with her to-go order and we kindly asked her, “Is this place any good?” She replies, “OHH YES! Try the sweet tea you won’t be disappointed.”

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Well that was enough to convince us. In the door we headed. We got to pick our own seats. Po’Shines is very casual, laid back.

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Click HERE to see the Lunch & Dinner Menu.

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Click HERE to view their Breakfast Menu.

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Click HERE to view their Specials Menu.

As you can see I had quite a hard time deciding due to the fact everything sounded so amazing! I was so torn I desperately wanted it to be breakfast time so I could try the catfish omelet.

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We took the sweet woman’s word and ordered the sweet tea. Trust me don’t leave without trying a sip of this stuff. Its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We also ordered the “Purple Drink” which was equally amazing.

Next up the main course. It took me quite a while to decide on what I wanted. Mostly because everything sounded so delicious!

We decided on the Roasted Turkey Dinner & the Po’Fish Platter.

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Thanksgiving Dinner is beyond my favorite meal of the whole year and that chance to have it twice really gave me no choice. Every course was amazing. So much flavor and love went into this meal. I only ate half in order to have most of it for lunch the next day.

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The catfish was spectacular. Seasoned perfectly I almost wish I had just a plate of catfish. The  hush puppies which is what Po’Shines is known for were definitely all they are hyped up to be. Greens were amazing as well!

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You didn’t think I could leave without having one or two of this did you? Ahh the Beignets. How I love thee….Once again throughly impressed with dinner & dessert.

3fork  This place is southernly amazing. Delicious food, Friendly Staff and a great atmosphere. I desperately wanted to give Po’Shines 4 forks but the next day while eating my leftovers I found a large turkey bone in my remaining meal. I have cooked a turkey before and I know how hard it is to remove every bone. I am willing to overlook this very minor error because we really had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed our meal to the fullest.

Side Notes:
Street Parking Only
Reasonably priced
Great atmosphere