¿Por Que No? – North Portland
N. Mississippi Ave.

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This little gem is not one of pass up. I’ve heard fabulous things about this taqueria and trust me its nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait to come back and let my taste bud’s explore their menu. We popped into Por Que No on a rainy Portland afternoon for an early dinner. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what time of day you come you can bet it’s going to be busy. The atmosphere is very eclectic and casual with authentic spanish decor. Por Que No strives to be a sustainable business while using as much local fare as possible. You can really tell they put a lot of effort and pride into each meal.

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View the MENU HERE!

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They have a fabulous menu with lots to choose from. All the prices are very reasonable. It was very hard to choose my meal because everything sounded so amazing. As soon as you order make sure you find a table ASAP this quaint little place is self-serve when it comes to seating. It was super crowded but we managed to find one table. It seems most people get orders to-go since there is not much room to sit.

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To drink I choose their Tamarino Peach Juice which was amazing!

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We started with a little chips, salsa & guacamole. Their salsa is authentic and delicious.

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We ordered 3 tacos from left to right the carnitas, the chorizo and the pescado.

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I had the Brian’s Bowl w/ chicken and fresh homemade corn tortillas. These corn tortillas are by far the most amazing tortilla’s I’ve ever tasted. They are completely homemade. You can tell an amazing, authentic corn tortilla because it doesn’t break when you fold it.

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They have a little salsa and pickled veggies bar.

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Trust me don’t pass up a opportunity to taste the fare here. You’ll regret it deeply. They also have a southeast location so you don’t have to drive far where ever you live to enjoy some delicious food. Check out their other location on 46th & Hawthorne.

4fork2 I gave Por Que No 4 forks because they are to die for. I love how their business supports the local community and how they strive for excellence. You can really tell the difference when you take your first bite of food.

Side Notes:
Street parking only
Limited Seating
Delicious food & good service