Pad Thai Kitchen
SE 23rd & Belmont

What we ordered:
Tofu Salad Rolls
Chicken Pad Thai
Side of white rice

Pad Thai Kitchen is a small little place off Belmont in SE. Our Service was prompt and friendly, I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone on a budget who wants great portions.
Inside was visibly clean ( ya never know these days) and was filled with unique odds and ends for decor which left an eclectic non-cheesy feel.
For appetizer we started off with an order of tofu salad rolls (a must staple if you are visiting a Thai place). Salad rolls are similar to spring rolls but served cold; usually fresh basil, cucumber carrot, bean sprouts, and other large leafed herbs rolled into a rice paper wrap served with a creamy peanut sauce for dipping. I liked the salad rolls the best, I could eat a few plates of those things.
I had heard their portions were on the larger side so the boyfriend and I decided to share one order of their Chicken Pad Thai which was enough to feed and fill us both. We did order a side of white rice on the side to mix in which is how I like to eat my Pad Thai.
The sauce that coated the noodles of the Pad Thai was a little more on the tomato-y side which was ok. We were able to choose the strength of our “spice” ( we chose mild) which had nice flavor mixed with green onion and chicken breast which was just as we ordered. I have been to other places and ordered “mild” which came out too spicy for me to eat and enjoy, so I’m glad they honed our request.

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Small Private Parking lot
HUGE Portions
$ great value
NO hot tea served with meal

3fork1three forks for Pad Thai Kitchen, loved the price & portions but flavor was not “gourmet”