Emily’s Teriyaki & Pho
60th & Division

Emily’s Teriyaki & Pho is located off Division at 60th in a trio strip mall wedged between a chiropractic clinic and Pizzacato. Their food is a combination of two main themes of Asian foods; Teriyaki/rice and Pho/noodle.
The place is fairly new still so inside was very clean with plenty of tables. Only one other table was there so we had quick & friendly service. I noticed a sign that said they have happy hour starting at 10:30am until 4pm. Whose drinking beer at 10:30am?

Their menu seemed unique for their vegan and vegetarian options including vegetarian pho.

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What I ordered:
Traditional Teriyaki $6.99
Here were the options when ordering Teriyaki:
1. Choose rice or yakisoba noodles
2. Choose your meat (1) (chicken, beef, pork, tofu, shrimp)
3. Choose your vegetables (2) ( broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage)
4. Choose your sauce ( traditional, Hawaiian, sweet & sour, spicy ginger)

I ordered Chicken Teriyaki with rice, broccoli & cabbage in the traditional sauce.

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The meat and vegetables were bland and a bit watery. The chicken was moist, partially grilled but not much flavor because the sauce was served on the side. I’ve never seen sauce served on the side in a teriyaki shop before and it wasn’t ideal. My meat was served on top of the steamed vegetables, I would much rather have my meat served on top the rice in the large compartment and the veggie in the separate small compartments, the veggies were watery and wasn’t pleasant.
I wouldnt be back for their Teriyaki, I might go back and try their Pho to give them another chance but nothing really “WOWED” me.

Private Parking Lot shared with Pizzacato
Happy Hour 10:30-4pm daily
Brown or White rice option
Pepsi products

fork1Just 1 fork for my “meh” culinary experience. The chicken who should be the star of the show had absolutely no flavor.