Laurelhurst Market & Butcher Shop
31st & Burnside

Sandwiches @ the Butcher Shop 11am-5pm
Restaurant 5pm-10pm

Laurelhurst Market, is a butcher shop first, restaurant second. Inside the space is split half and half one side butcher shop with a deli case, and the other half table seating for the restaurant where in-house steak is the star of the show. The restaurant menu doesn’t open until 5pm but the butcher shop is open for lunch during the day creating sandwiches made with their in-house meats. In this post I will be reviewing the Laurelhurst Market BUTCHER SHOP not the RESTAURANT.

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{Laurelhurst Market BUTCHER SHOP REVIEW}

For my visit to Laurelhurst Market my boyfriend and I ate during the day at the butcher shop and ordered a sandwich to-go. When you walk in you see a large deli glass case filled with an array of in-house cured meats, pates, and charcuterie items. Listed on a chalkboard was a list of daily sandwich concoctions as well as a main “daily special”.

What we ordered: $8 full sandwich
#2 ( Corned Beef on Multigrain with red onion, shredded iceberg, spicy pickle relish with Dijon)
#4 ( Smoked Turkey & Bacon on levain bread with red onion, cheddar, arugula, Dijon and mayo)

If you are not seeing anything you like on their sandwich menu, they do have a “build your own” style, check out their options:

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My boyfriend ordered the #2 corn beef sandwich, but they the time we left with our food to-go got to the park and un-wrapped our sandwiches clearly his was NOT a corn beef. It seemed to be some sort of pastrami salami thing on ciabatta. He said it was tasty, but somewhat annoyed that it was NOT the corn beef that he originally ordered and was somewhat disappointed.
Anyhoo, besides that slight mix-up with the sandwiches we will be back to the butcher shop for sure! The sandwiches were filling and full of flavor. You can’t create in-house cured meats at home that taste like this, the flavor was dimensional and intriguing in every bite unlike the basic Subway sandwich.
My sandwich as the smoked Turkey Bacon with arugula & Dijon. The Dijon mustard had a bit of a punch to it that make my nose tingle a little which was a zesty surprise! My bread was crunchy on the outside and yummy soft on the inside and piled high with meat layers.
If you are looking for that old-fashioned made to order deli style space, this is it. I’m looking forward to going back for a lazy afternoon in the sun cuddled up to my meat sammie.

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I would like to go back and try the restaurant side which are popular for their steak. The restaurant menu style is Ruth Chris-like… You order your steak, or chicken, or trout, as an a la carte item, then pair it with starters and/or side dishes. The dining area seemed somewhat small and I heard fills up fast so my advice is either get there early or call for reservations.

Private parking lot
Indoor and Outdoor seating
$$$ Pricey restaurant

4forkI give Laurelhurst Market Butcher Shop 4 forks for their many in-house cured meats & hand crafted sandwiches. I wish the sandwich was a little less pricey than $8, but its quality that I could not create at home.