Original Hot Cake House
SE 10th & Powell
Open 24 hours 7 days a week

The Original Hot Cake House is a hole in the wall type place that has been around for 50+ years located off Powell before you go over the Ross Island Bridge.
They are open 24 hours 7 days a week, serving mostly breakfast food but also have burgers and some other minimal diner food.

As you arrive you first get in the line and order your food up front at the cashier, THEN find your table. They are pretty strict about getting a table before you order, customers are NOT allowed to choose a table until AFTER you order food. The space is somewhat small with maybe 20 tables total, the times I have been here I had no problem getting a table. They must have issues with people “saving tables”. This place is hoppin around 2:30ish am on the weekends, all the late nighters coming from the bars & clubs are looking to sober up with some grub with The Hot Cake House is one of the few places still open.

Once you make it through the large line and order, the wait begins. We waited 30+ minutes for our food, there weren’t too many people in the place so I was wondering what was taking so long but it seemed there was only one cook behind the grill.
The atmosphere is a little dated and not eye appealing, but always a comforting place that stays consistent.

They serve the standard breakfast menu with omelets and fluffy pancakes. The portions are large, large enough sometimes to share with two people especially their hamburgers. I really enjoyed their fresh-cut fries that cam with the cheeseburger. You could tell they were fresh-cut and still had a little potato skin on the side that adds nice texture. I have noticed the prices have gone up over the years but not unreasonable.

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What We Ordered:
2 Eggs Combo: Came with choice of bacon or sausage, hash browns or pancakes
Bacon Cheeseburger: Came with fresh house made fries & toppings

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The biggest perk of this diner is that it’s 24 hours. The biggest draw back is that the food is just mediocre.
Limited Parking, maybe 6 total. Street parking is your best option
They DO accept credit cards

3forkThree stars for being open 24 hours. Bacon was delicious