Oven & Shaker
11th & Everett St.

Samantha and I decided for a little HH at a place she’s been desperate to try. I love me a little italian cuisine so I can say I was equally excited to visit Oven & Shaker. When I scrolled through their website I was throughly impressed they seem like they have it going on here. I could not wait to try the cuisine especially since it came highly recommended from a few of our clients. Their HH is a little bit low-key (maybe it was just the day we stopped in) not a whole lot of people. They have a fabulous selection of outside seating. Right now though there is a big construction project right across the street so it may not be the best idea to sit outside.

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I was throughly impressed with the decor everything was so modern and cozy. I had a very difficult time deciding on what to eat. Everything sounded so amazing I’m glad we had three people so we could sample everyone’s dishes. Click HERE to view their HH menu.  Here’s what we tried the Nostrana and Semplice salads and the Wild Fennel Sausage & the Mushroom pizza.

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For drinks I sampled the lavender dry soda which was fabulous! Samantha tried one of their signature drinks the Pepper Smash. We really loved the oversized ice cubes in the cocktails it was a nice touch so your drink doesn’t get watered down too quickly.

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The food & drinks were amazing to say the least you can really taste the quality and pride that their team puts into each dish. Everything was mouth-watering and kept me coming back for more. The portion sizes for HH we great compared to the price as well. I even ate my last two pieces of pizza while sitting in traffic on the way home. :)

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If there were an area of improvement for Oven & Shaker to consider I would say its service. We were one of about 3 tables in the whole restaurant the whole time we were there and service was very slow. I can’t imagine what it could be like on a busy Saturday night. They were clearly having a staff meeting and we were sat right next to the table where the meeting was taking place. We were greeted by a not so enthusiastic employee who took our drink order and gave us a minute to ponder the menu. After a few minutes we decided on fare and ordered. Our food came before our drinks and my drink would have never came at all unless we asked for it a second time. I am willing to give O&S another shot because their food was so amazing, but I hope next time the service is a little better.

2forkI gave Oven & Shaker two forks. Although the FOOD WAS AMAZING but service was NOT. I probably wouldn’t recommend this place to a friend because I like visiting restaurants that are happy we are giving them business. 4 forks on food and drink 2 on service.

Side Notes:
Street Parking Only
Amazing Food
Great outside seating when it’s not raining