A few weeks ago while my father-in-law was in town he wanted to treat us to a fabulous dinner. He doesn’t get to do stuff like this for us often so it was a real treat. We picked La Bottega which is on Main St. in Vancouver, Washington. Just a short jaunt across the Willamette River from Portland. This place was absolutely adorable. They scream authentic Italian cuisine through and through. La Bottega is not only a fabulous restaurant but you can pick up imported cheeses, quality meats as well as a quick-lunch too! They also have a mini store of fine oils, vinegar, sauces and pastas for your authentic italian cooking at home. Also a wide variety of fine wines.

Let’s Check out the menu!
As you’ll see below I had a heck of a time deciding on what I wanted to eat. Everything sounded absolutely incredible! Our group (minus me “the preggo”) indulged in several glasses of wine. We had several different glasses and all were amazing. We sampled mostly red because it is our favorite wine.

What we ordered:
Appetizer: Cheese Plate, Soup of the day which was a roasted red pepper & the Caprese Salad.
Main Courses: The Smoked Mushroom Ravioli &  The Smoked Duck Breast.

The food was out of this world delicious! Everything portioned perfectly and seasoned to perfection. I would give my right arm for another bowl of the roasted red pepper soup.  No room for dessert as you can see we were plenty stuffed. If the dessert is anything like the cuisine I’m sure they are amazing.

View La Bottega’s Lunch Menu [HERE] Dinner Menu [HERE] Red Wine Menu [HERE] White Wine Menu [HERE] Dessert Menu [HERE] 

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4fork I gave La Bottega 4 forks for being the best Italian restaurant I’ve tried in Vancouver. Their food wins me over hands down!

Side notes:
Located on Main St. in Vancouver which is a fun, cute neighborhood. Perfect for a date night
Street Parking Only!
A little spendy but totally worth the $$$

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