Big Ass Sandwiches a local sandwich food cart has received rave reviews on the not only the flavor but the SIZE of their sandwiches hence the name of their cart.
They recently moved from their previous location from 3rd and Ash downtown Portland to the Eastside on 2nd a few streets up from Grand. Their menu is pretty simple with an array of hot sandwiches great for any type of Portland weather. Their most popular sandwich and their original claim to fame is the classic “Big Ass Sandwich” which is constructed of your choice of in-house roasted Turkey,Ham, or Roast Beef flat top grilled on a ciabatta roll with house made bechamel cheese sauce and a handful of fresh-cut fries. All sandwiches are made to order so allow yourself a 10 minute wait, It takes time for perfection don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Weekly specials are posted on their Facebook page where they also update their hours regularly, they are open daily until they sell out. Sometimes sell out is as early at the 1pm range on a weekend after the lunch rush. They were recently featured on The Travel Channel show “Best Sandwich in America” hosted by with Adam Richman. When the show runs they are slammed.

‘Lisa and Brian Woods both grew up in the Northwest and had always dreamed of starting their own business. Brian had worked in kitchens since he was a teen. He became head chef and manager of some of Seattle’s best restaurants. Lisa worked in the broadcast and music industries for many years, but after her second layoff in 2 years, she and Brian decided it was time. They knew they could make great sandwiches and decided to start a food cart. What makes Big-Ass sandwiches unique is that the fries go on the sandwich.’

The classic “Big Ass Sandwich” $7.50
For our meat option we had the Roast Beef which is their most popular meat option for all their sandwiches.

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4forkI am a huge fan of one-handed meals and this is the holy grail of one-handed-put-it-in-your-mouth favs. I was a little disappointed of the size, I was thinking based on the review I’ve read and the pictures I’ve seen that this sucker was going to be HUUUUGGGGEEE and though yes it was big it wasnt as tummy pinching large as I hoped. My boyfriend and I shared one because I didnt think I could eat one by myself, but with just one half I was still kinda hungry. Our sandwich was about the size of a Chipotle burrito. Yes big, but not Big Ass big. I’m definitely going to come back and maybe next time my portion will be BIG enough to say “Now this is a Big Ass Sandwich”.

*Update 6/16/13 I have been back to BigAss multiple times since this review and the sandwiches continue to consistently be HUGE! I usually eat half & save half for later.

They do have vegetarian options
Their ciabatta rolls are from Fleur De Lis Bakery
Visit their Facebook Page for weekly special and hours.
Great “bang for your buck” meal to fill you up

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