This summer while on my babymoon in Seattle I knew I couldn’t leave without trying one of the infamous Top Pot Donuts. Top Pot is a Seattle Landmark. They have several locations scattered throughout Washington but we visited the one in the heart of downtown Seattle. The donut shop has a really unique look. Its decorated like a library and features two floors where you can sit and enjoy your tasty treat. Top Pot prides themselves in crafting old-fashioned donuts. There name actually became by accident. Read their story HERE it’s a good one!

It was super hard choosing a donut especially when you 8 months pregnant. I just wanted to hop over the counter and take a bite of each one. Instead of causing a scene I kept it clean and choose a traditional old fashion donut sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a cake donut covered in the yummy maple syrup glaze.

These donuts were so delicious I could barely finish they were so rich. I would have been totally satisfied with one donut but I couldn’t resist the second. I never eat these so I was making up for lost time.

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top pot donut case 550x410

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4forkTop Pot Donuts hands down gets 4 forks. This place is amazingly good! Next time you’re in Seattle drop in for a yummy treat!

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