Below is a list of restaurants we would like to visit within the next year in the Portland area! Some are stationed restaurants who have been on multiple top lists by the popular public and others are some that you might not know about but certainly have a buzz. One of our goals for Portland Palate this year is trying places that are local to Portland and that have a unique menu by craft and taste. I recently had a conversation with someone at work who shared with me their goal this year is to eat out somewhere different in Portland twice a month, I think that is very doable and I’m going to try to stick to that myself.  Please Comment below of what your favorite place that you think should have been on our list because we aren’t stopping at ten.

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{Ashley’s Wishlist}
1. The Waffle Window

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Waffle Window Apple Pie Waffle 550x367

2. 3 Door Down Cafe

IMG 4304 550x374
3. Bamboo Sushi

bamboo sushi 550x366
4. The Country Cat

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country catbrunch

5. Little Bird Bistro

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6. Toast

7. The Big Egg

bigegg 550x366
8. Yolk

9. Biwa

10. Le Pigeon

lepigeon 550x365




{Samantha’s Wishlist}
1. Lucca

2. Tin Shed Garden Cafe

Tin shed 550x412
3. Sunshine Tavern

sunshine tavern 550x365
4. The Grilled Cheese Grill

grilledcheesegrill 550x365
5. Fire on the Mountain

fireonthemountain 550x360
6. Jake’s Grill

jakesgrill 550x365
7. Eastburn

eastburn 550x329
9. The Portland Soup Company

portland soup company 550x364
10. Clarklewis

ClarkLewis 550x427