The Waffle Window is a cute little window on the side of the Bread and Ink Cafe in Southeast Portland. They are located just a few hops off of Hawthorne Boulevard and just recently opened a second location on NE Alberta Street. Mary the owner created this unique spot after her two sons traveled around Europe and becoming obsessed with the waffles. Mary quickly made it her life’s mission to out do those liege waffles and give them her own flare. Samantha bought us this deal on Google Offers so we could try their unique creations.

I can tell that this place probably gets pretty packed on athe weekends and probably when its warm out too. We parked a few blocks away and made our way to the window. You cannot see the window from Hawthorne so be sure you don’t pass it by. This place is just as cute as it sounds. It fits perfectly in with the neighborhood with its brick decor and casual “walk-up” and order vibe. The Waffle Window could not be any cuter. The do have an outdoor seating area with a tent to keep you dry in the typical Portland weather. You can also purchase packaged waffles that keep in your freezer for you to enjoy anytime. Visit their website here to find out when you can purchase them.

thewafflewindow1 550x550 SeatingWaffle Window 550x412 Waffle Window 2 550x412

We decided to order one sweet waffle and one savory waffle to share so we could have the best of both worlds. Here’s what we decided on:

The Three-B’s
Nutella & Fresh Banana
Hot Chocolate
Blackberry Basil Lemonade

Three Bs Waffle Window 550x412

The Waffle Window 550x412

Blackberry Basil Lemonade 550x412 Hot ChocolateWaffle Window 550x412
View The Waffle Window’s whole menu HERE.
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We really loved our waffles they were so delicious and unique. The flavors all complemented each other extremely well. The nutella and fresh banana waffle was like a little party for my taste buds. The blackberry basil lemonade was amazing and out of this world. It was so thirst quenching. This is a must try item. I did not particularly care for my hot chocolate. It was a little bland and tasted more like just plain steamed milk. I probably wouldn’t order this again.

3fork I gave The Waffle Window three forks. The waffles were amazing and I will be back many times in the future. If my hot chocolate would have been a little better I would have easily given this place a four fork rating.

Side Notes:
Street Parking ONLY!
Can be a little cold if you sit outside.
You wont be disappointed the waffles are amazing.

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