Roxy’s Island Grill is located off Walker road in Beaverton in the same parking lot as Sunset Lanes bowling by Cedar Hills Crossing. My sister lives on this side of town and introduced to me this great local grab and go place that serves up BIG portions with Hawaiian flavor.

When you walk into Roxy’s Island Grill you order at the counter like any other teriyaki place, they are always packed when I go and they do a good job at keeping the line moving. Most people just order to-go. The Sho-yu chicken is their specialty, it looks like shredded chicken that has been stewing in a big pot for hours with moist flavor. The space inside is a little small with just a few tables but they do have picnic benches outside where they play Hawaiian/ragge music playing indoors & out. When in doubt just order it to-go.

Lunch plate comes with one entree, + two scoop of rice and one scoop of house made macaroni salad. ($7)
I like to get: 1/2 portion Sho-yu Chicken and 1/2  portion Grilled Kalbi Chicken. Kalbi Chicken is grilled garlic chicken

I am not a huge fan of macernoi salad, but their is AMAZING! I cant describe what makes it different, but I often crave it.

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