Dea’s In & Out is one of the most iconic spots in Gresham. I would coin it as a must stop place if driving by. My dad and I stopped in for a quick-lunch a few weeks ago and before I walked in the door I knew what I was having. Dea’s has a classic “diner” vibe that will keep you coming back for more. What I really love about Dea’s is you can tell that most of the people having lunch are customers that have been coming for years.2

I love how their menu has an old school vibe. Dea’s also throws a little twist on their burgers. Instead of the traditional round patty they form theirs into rectangles. There is something about the rectangle shape that makes that juicy burger taste so delicious!

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What we ordered:
Long burgers
Curly Fries

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4fork I gave Dea’s four forks because their establishment is a timeless restaurant of East County. Reasonable prices and delicious food!

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