For our first stop on the Dishcrawl dinner tour we started at Navarre located on 28th & Burnside by Pizzacato and Starbucks. To read more about Dishcrawl visit our other post {HERE}.
Navarre had a large communal table along the back reserved for the Dishcrawl group. The space inside was somewhat petite with maybe 4 tables total in the place plus the long table we sat at. The atmosphere makes for a nice location for an intimate dinner for two. The surrounding decor was shelves upon shelves of canned veggies and goods. The owner said they are not for sale, but near the front they do have a small open “pantry” with seasonals for sale like fresh pasta, sauces, and imported goods. What makes Navarre unique is that they partner with 47th Avenue Farms who grow from Luscher Farms in Lake Oswego. Navarre receives all of their fresh produce to incorporate into their menu. This provides the freshest farm to table experience and an every changing menu each month.
Another unique thing about Navarre is that they serve 50+ wines by the glass! I don’t know too many restaurants that can offer this.

All of our food was served family style where the owner and chef came out and explained about Navarre’s unique farm to table menu and what they were going to serve us for the evening.

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Pork Pâté with prunes
Pickled broccoli rabé
Rapini & shallot frittata
Crab cake w green tomato jam

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