Prost! is a cool German pub located in North Portland off Mississippi Ave serving up authentic German pub food and an impressive tap list of German beer. Their outdoor patio/bier garden is always hopping when the sun is out and has a small bar feel inside.

‘Biers range from light Lagers, to Weissbiers, to Schwarzbier, and come from numerous breweries such as Spaten, Paulaner, and Ayinger, among others; they are served in traditional sizes spanning the half liter, to the mass(1.L), to der stiefel(2.L) (aka “das boot”)’.

I ordered a serving of their famous Franziskaner Weissbier known as the “Banana Beer” which is alight crisp wheat ale with a subtle clove aroma and hints of banana and spice! I ordered my drink in the largest size which is the liter, but yes it does get bigger with their “das boot” which I was told you have to have a party larger than 3+ to order it because it is the equivalent to 8.5 beers which is 102 ounces! The food menu was a little confusing because it is a mix of Germanglish ( German+English). But the wait staff were nice and helped us with some insight on what to order. We stuck with their most popular item which was the Bratwurst Sandwich. My sandwich was just enough to hit the spot but nothing to really write home about. Bottom line this place is ALL ABOUT THE GERMAN BEER and there are tons to choose from by the tap & by the bottle.


  • Franziskaner Weissbier Beer $9.50 liter
  • Fresh baked Bavarian Pretzel served with salt and German Mustard. $4
  • Bratwurst Sandwhich Original Bavarian Sausage Co. Bratwurst (Original or Spicy Bier) served on a roll with Sauerkraut, Curried Ketchup, and stone group mustard with Gewürzgurken (pickle) on the side. $6.50

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4fork I give Prost! 4 forks for the variety of unique German beers offered in LARGE sizes & their great outdoor patio.

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