The Cheese Plate PDX is a food cart located in the food cart pod on 23rd & Alberta along with other favorited food carts like Captured by Porches & Retrolicious.
Like it says in their name, The Cheese Plate PDX is ALL ABOUT THE CHEESE. Not just any cheese… but cheese that is local to Portland and the Northwest. The owners Nick & Carina are excited and committed to sharing local products and they even go as far as making their own in house crackers, Pâté, and pickled veggies.
They have others options on the menu utilizing their great cheeses for multiple variations of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

I am a true cheese lover at heart. I can really appreciate all the various types with unique textures and the art of pairing different types of cheeses with other edibles.
What I enjoy about this cart is they appreciate cheese just like me if not MORE (if that is even possible?)

Sadly when we visited the Cheese Plate PDX they were recovering along with the rest of the carts in their pod from a mass break-in. The previous night multiple carts were broken into on Alberta including all of the carts in the 23rd pod. Gas lines were cut, power lines were cut, among other damages leading to all their refrigeration to go off. Some things could be saved but a lot of carts had to restock and make efforts to get their equipment up and running again. This is so frustrating that people in our own community do this businesses, not just any businesses but small local businesses! All the food carts in the 23rd & Alberta pod were coming together as a “pod family” and helping each other out. One cart owner was hopping cart-to-cart with extra parts making sure they had what they needed. This sight was humbling to see carts come together and support each other in such disappointing circumstances. It was really cool to see the food cart owners be so positive and had such an upbeat outlook on such a disheartening act. Thumbs up to ALL food carts & their owners and how much effort they put into their cart to serve Portland! I will continue to go out and support these guys because they are so awesome for making the Portland food culture such a great taste to be part of.

The Oregon Cheese Plate $12 (single) 4 of Oregon’s Delicious cheeses, cart made pub cheese, seasonal condiments, today’s pickles, saffron & rose popcorn, & goat cheese chocolate truffle with cart made crackers.

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They DO have vegan options


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