Stumptown Dumplings is a food cart located just right off 15th and Alberta in north Portland. This food cart serves steamed dumplings and baos. They also have a wide variety of sauces to dip your asian treats in. The sauce flavors include chili hoison, soy ponzu, asian chipotle, creamy peanut, thai mustard. The menu is simple which I like. You can order fast and get your food even faster. This stop was highly recommended to Amy you can visit her blog HERE. This day we did a food cart crawl to try a bunch of new places. Plus it was fun getting to meet Amy and talk food and blogging.

Overall I enjoyed my meal. There was nothing that blew me away I would say the food was average. I will return even though we were informed the spinach dumpling was the least popular. I still would like to give it a go.

What we tried:
Chicken & Pork Dumplings
Spicy Hoison, Soy Ponzu and Creamy Peanut Sauces

All the sauces were delicious and paired well with the dumplings.

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2forkI gave Stumptown Dumplings 2 forks because I was not blown away. They were good but didn’t knock my socks off. I will go back because I want to try their spinach dumplings.

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