I found this little spot when a couple lovely readers suggested it to me on Facebook. I took my Mother In Law here on a little lunch date and also so she could see her grandson too. First before I get into the review I’d like to apologize to all the lovely patrons of this restaurant. My son Mason’s newest discovery is he really likes to scream. A happy scream that is. Especially when he’s excited and when he see’s food. He really really likes to eat. So I am sorry if his high-pitched screaming ruined your lunch. A few people chuckled so hopefully he wasn’t too annoying. Who knows they may be chuckling and secretly thinking, “shut your kid up!”.

Ok, Ok onto the review. Cafe Murry Hill is quite a lovely spot. The view is wonderful of the man-made pond. The decor is light and airy perfect for any celebration. The menu is very sophisticated for a “cafe”. I can’t wait to go back and try some or their dinner menu. Also I would love to go back for breakfast and sit outside on a warm day. Upon our arrival we were told we could sit anywhere we’d like. The restaurant was pretty full at lunch time. Overall service was average nothing I would scream about but our food did come out in a timely manner and our order was taken promptly. I guess what I’m trying to say is the whole staff could have used a few more smiles. It’s a little uncomfortable dining somewhere when most of the staff is clearly not happy about being at work.
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Here’s what we ordered:

The Reuben w/ Fries
The Caprese Panini w/ Tomato Citrus Soup

Cafe Murray Hill Caprese Panini 550x410

Cafe Murray Hill Reuben 550x410

The Reuben was good and the fries were perfectly crisp with just enough salt. My Caprese Panini I wouldn’t have really called it a Panini. It wasn’t pressed with a crispy crunch to it. It was more like a sandwich. I really liked the idea of the balsamic reduction but there was just too much of it on my sandwich. It was a little too overwhelming. The Tomato Citrus Soup was amazing! I will return just to try this alone! And I’m actually going to try to replicate it at home. It was so delicious.

3fork I gave Cafe Murray Hill three forks. They would have received the fourth if everyone was a little happier. Overall I was satisfied with our meals I just know what I wont order next time. But I will definitely return because their menu intrigues me.

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