Crema is a darling coffee shop and bakery located just a hop off of East Burnside. I love Mommy dates because you get to go to cute places like this. This of course is another cute Portland coffee shop. Crema has been in business since 2004 when it bought out the old bakery that was in its place. They offer as many local products as possible and also supply several coffee shops around the Portland area with baked goods. They also offer baked goods to wholesalers as well. See their website for more information. Crema is a busy place but the service excellent and all the employees were very friendly. I love that they can open up a big “window” so the cafe almost feels like its out doors. Crema almost displays local art from various artists. Check their website if you’re interested in displaying and selling your art at Crema.

Crema Cafe 550x410
Crema Pastry Case 550x410

Crema Menu 550x410

Here’s what I ordered:
Bagel with Cream Cheese
Iced Coffee
Sweet Spot

Crema Bagel Cream Cheese 550x410 Crema Iced Coffee 550x410

Everything was delicious the bagel was chewy and yummy. The coffee was equally as delicious!

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