I’ve been wanting to try 24th & Meatballs for a very long time. I saw them on a local news station a few months back and they got my taste buds drooling. They’re a cute little place right on the corner of 24th & Glisan in the East Burnsideish neighborhood. There menu is simple but gives you lots of options. I like places with simple menus because that usually means they do those particular items really well. They have a total Portland hipster vibe which was really no surprise. Seating inside is a little limited especially if its raining. The outside patio area is beautiful and perfect place to sit on a warm summer day. That is where we actually sat. It was borderline too windy to sit outside but we toughed it out.
Everything was really delicious. I especially enjoyed the creamy polenta and the kale salad. The dressing on the salad was so delicious and the pumpkin seeds added a perfect crunch. Polenta is one of my favorite meals and I’m usually pretty picky but this was awesome. Especially with the cheesy sauce to go on top. The only critisim I have was that the person at the front counter was not super friendly. I’m not asking for anything over the top just a smile will do.

24th Meatballs 550x410 24th Meatballs Portland Oregon 550x736
Here’s what we ordered:

Kale Salad
Polenta+Meatballs: Classic Italian Style with Creamy Cheesey Sauce
Spaghetti: Special Spicy Louisiana Pork with Tomato Basil Sauce
Hot Waffle Balls with Dulce De Leche
24th Meatballs Kale Salad 550x410
24th Meatballs Polenta+Meatballs 550x410
24th Meatballs Spaghetti 550x410
24th Meatballs Dulce De Leche 550x410
24th Meatballs Hot Waffle Balls 550x410

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3fork I gave 24th & Meatballs three forks. The food was delicious but the front desk person was not super friendly. I will be back though!