Hello Portlanders! Hope you’re staying dry in all this rain. A great thing to take your mind off this gloomy weather would be to hit up some happy hours! Good food, good drinks for a great price. You can’t beat that! Happy Hour’s a sure way to put a smile on your face and your wallet. Speaking of happy hour. Isn’t it annoying when you’re trying to find restaurant and bars happy hour menus on review sites and apps and they don’t have it! Then you spend more time trying to look at a million different websites trying to find out who’s happy hour you want to go to. Then you realize shoot it’s 7pm and I’ve missed it. Well I’ve got just the solution for you. Happy Hour Pal. This new and exciting app and website is the result of two people(who are really awesome by the way) who just were not satisfied by all the other review apps and websites out there. 
Happy Hour Pal launched in Hawaii first and was an instant hit. Now it’s time to expand. Emails flow in daily for when Happy Hour Pal is going to launch in Portland. Well guess what? Now is the time. Happy Hour Pal’s database is growing daily and soon you’ll be able to find the best happy hour’s and specials in a snap. The App is FREE to download on all apple and android devices. With Happy Hour Pal you’ll be able to view a full menu with descriptions and pricing, check-in at your favorite spots, earn rewards and share great tips with fellow users.

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I would love to know some of your favorite happy hours that you would like to see on Happy Hour Pal.

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Let your favorite places know you’d love to see them featured on Happy Hour Pal!

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For happy hour suggestions please let me know in the comments below or email me at ashley@portlandpalate.com.

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