Tasty Bites: Portland Food Tours

Whenever friends and family come out and visit the food town of Portland, the question that every local expects them to ask is, “Where’s a good place to eat?” The greatroad-trips-in-portland-oregon-eats-with-ox-restaurant-00 things about Portland are the little food tours that bring the best culinary scenes in town. In Portland, you can find more than a few tours focused on presenting famous local foods, as well as, choices of beverages that are surprisingly flavorful.

Portland food tours allow you to have tasty bites of every cuisine you can imagine, and take a sip of the most delicious local beverages the town has to offer (whether alcoholic or not). Of course, these food tours aren’t just about foods and drinks. It is also interlaced with information about how Portland became the town known for the best delicacies. Portland food tours also talk about the next hot restaurants and cuisines, so you can have an idea of the next best places to go.

There are different kinds of food tours in Portland. Some of them require you to place reservations, in advance. There are others that involve a bit of walking, but it’s normally just a mile or two. On the other hand, alcohol-focused food tours often include transportations for your convenience. Some of the popular food tours include the Epicurean Excursion of Portland Walking Tours.

It will lead you to about 8 or so local artisans of the best food cuisine, from salmon & steak to croissants & gelatos. There is also the Food Cart Tour, a food tour with Breet Burneister, the owner of Food Carts Portland. It’s a 90-minute excursion leading you to several stops for samples of potato curry dumplings, seared duck, Belgian waffles, fois gras – and much much more!

Portland food tours are all about presenting to you the best of what Portland has in food, cuisine and beverages. You will see and learn for yourself exactly how food carts thrive in Portland, and how they became supremely popular. Either way, regardless of your culinary preferences, in Portland, there’s a wide range of flavors that await your palate!