Tastes of Heaven: Portland Coffee Houses & Bakeries

coffee_sconeLove to eat? If finding the best coffee houses, restaurants and bakeries is your thing, Portland is the place for you! The city and the suburbs of Portland have the best and most popular restaurants that are considered top places among food aficionados. These are Portland coffee houses and bakeries, offering you flamboyant cuisines and savory flavors.

If it’s the ultimate brownie you’re looking for, the Lauretta Jean’s is THE place for heavenly salted caramel brownies. They have also got the most delightful selection of pies – from chocolate cream, to honey hazelnut, to  cherry tarts…and much more! If it’s all kinds of handmade pies, Lauretta Jean is where you should be. On the other hand, if it’s first rate cuisine & desserts, Papa Haydn West is one of the most legendary eateries in town.

Papa Haydn brings you the temptations of gourmet sandwiches, pies, cakes and all kinds of pastry – all the sinful treats you could lay your hands on. But, if you can’t get enough of these fabulous desserts, Papa Haydn East is where the first espresso machine of Portland you can be found. There, you have at least 26 desserts (and 8 or so seasonal desserts) to choose from.

There is also the Patisserie, Portland’s favorite night hotspot – thanks to their specially crafted French desserts, their long lists of champagnes and bottomless coffee selections. This place is famous for desserts that suit whatever your tastes are. And if it’s not desserts you’re interested in, they’ve got delicious tapas for you to enjoy. Want some seasonal cupcakes to taste? There’s the Saint Cupcake, bringing you all kinds of cupcakes, including their most popular red velvet, chocolate with hot fudge, vanilla with cream cheese and more!

If you want variety, Portland has you covered, and can satisfy your cravings. Portland is a town that is, literally, full of places where terrific desserts (and the best coffees) are waiting for you. Here, is where you can have that taste of heaven, to your heart’s desire.